les enfants du paradis


thoughts for a project by Thomas Körtvélyessy
started 2006 at tüzraktér, Budapest (Hungary)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

paradicsom madarak - birds of paradise

a paradicsom madarainak szines tollai vannak, feltünőek.
énekelnek, hogy élhessenek. itt vagyok. ilyen vagyok, ebben a pillanatban.

mint táncosok is kibontjuk a sokféle szineinket a mozgásunkban
és táncolunk, ahogyan a madarak énekelnek ha jön az est.

birds of paradise have colorful and extravagant feathers.
they are like this, it is a part of their existence.
when birds sing, it is the same, an essential activity of asserting being themselves. here i am, now. hello there.

as dancers we can also spread our many ways how we as individual beings are able to move. when we dance, we can sing, just as birds do towards the evening.

Monday, August 14, 2006


(wow it's so cool to be able to sit in an airport and type on this laptop - thank you!)
i realize especially in this upcoming piece, flying is what i'm after, and actually very often in my work. fly away into the air, heaven, paradise, celebrations, a party, happiness, satisfaction, orgasm, utopia, a better balanced world etc.

scene from 'FURT - modern' Dance Unlimited Arnhem 2004

this piece on the music of “Oobe” by The Orb, could be called how 2 fly maybe be a series of duets?? i've had the imagery for quite a while listening to this music for tűzraktér: birds singing for themselves and together at sunset, put into the rhythms and dynamics of the dancers on the rooftops.

* * *
socially speaking, will we all be more like birds, travel more easily, carry less and less weight with us. how will that be possible?
(but given how much lighter this society is already in comparison to the heavy metals of the 19th century (after the heavy upheavals in the 20th century) there can be more light, more ease, enlightment. )

flying is the opposite of escape, this is very real: the wings must be able to carry the weight, the muscles work just at the right rate of gravity and the air stream, enough calories to burn for the trip, etc. knowing / feeling at all times where one’s center is, that of one’s body, limbs, organs, emotions, etc. all the time. to continue to be able to move - be ready to get carried away… and remain sensitively aware!

or as Zen monks would say: you have many ideas, but is your begging bowl well cleaned?

how can my bowl for begging be clean and I still could arrive at all these ideas and motions? how to realise paradise on Earth a little better? (often by leaving it alone...)

in dance this idea of taking off to fly is always very present throughout the ages, something that can be embodied very very literally, and i hope it will become possible in this project to realise yet another successful experience of this!!

to finish, check out Brian Eno talking about his music for airports both on YouTube and get a nice idea about progress :-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

con.sens - dis.sens /and the road to paradise

"Rather than looking for some stupefying and infantilizing consensus, it will be a question in the future of cultivating disensus." Felix Guattari.
taken from The Ideal City - website of Ministry for Economical Diversification of Western Canada

even though Felix Guattari would have labeled consensus as 'infantile' i find that merely a typical expression of a sentiment that was present in France at that time. consensus need not be stupefying between aware individuals. that is the whole question, what is necessary for the consensus that will allow the greatest range of diversity. because i believe that it is in the presence of the other and in communication that such a freedom can be achieved, so a satisfactory consensus needs to be created.

today i believe it is more clear that both consent and dissent are available and necessary, to be able to make rational decisions, both need to be sensed clearly and understood in a situation. myself i rather look for finding con.sens.us in the situation of the already existing dissent, of which there is already so much and it can severely harm us and endanger survival (just as enforced or normative consensus would...)

so much is standing in our way towards understanding: our characters, our cultural formation like language (meaning codes of speach, movement, imagery etc.) all are very different from each other, whether between two cultures or any two people. how can we find the best possible agreement?

this dissensus is a byproduct of diversity, as the dissenting other, being different, can sense and understand things i myself find hard to understand. if we reach a balance about this, and combine our diverse understandings, both of us will make profit from this.

in a way that could be seen as a historic development, the world struggling every day to realise finding a consensus how each of us can live in her//his course of life on Earth as fully as possible, fulfill this course. this includes animal and plant life, their spirits, the spirit of matter, if you will...

i used to believe that if we'd only be able to dive down beneath all the cultural patternings of our perception and retrieve the seeming openness we have as animals, this would be easier (the old dream of Eurocentric early modernism: "Alle Menschen werden Brüder!"
[alll men become brethren] ...)

but it takes more than that, because all those cultural patterns also have to be reformed (and always are anyway in the course of one generation to the next) to fit the new understandings and realisations.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

idea and reality - Ikaros

one example of mind shattered by matter - trying to fly high, but too close to the sun, the spender of 'good' and the material wings melt, causing precipice. [caught at last by gravity] intention diverging from situation in the moment.

there is a beautiful song that i've found to this at YouTube:
Stereolab - "Fluorescences"

another example, a long treaty with many interesting aspects The Ideal City

[on the positive end, there's the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by the late Douglas Adams with its very own special entry on flying....]

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

celebration and social dancing

I realise how important it is to be able to celebrate something together, even in the middle of desperation and depression. it's like giving oneself an empty even imaginary space that could potentially be drawing in reality to follow. like the idea of a more ecologically balanced planet to live on. [if the actual material / energy-balance is negative, it can also bring catastrophy and crashes - the trick is to make sure all resource-balances are such that this taking off to fly will be possible]

the upcoming event I plan for Budapest is to turn into a party where all participate. another beautiful example for celebrating together can be found on the website of Elaine Summers (www.elainesummersdance.com) where she danced Invitation to Secret Dancers with people at Solar House in New York City in 2005.

* * *

it is beautiful to watch how people are able to express their existence in something that free and moving as a (social) dance, everybody making up their own moves to the same music and using it to make living contact with each other as individuals.

as long as this is possible, just like imagining, I believe there is a chance for surviving, because we can manifest something in-becoming, like a moment that changes and fades away, manifested as this particular moment.

like re-discovering the space given by one's joints to move the limbs and how this can increase when one does helpful body-work or massage or stretches that help this. it gives potential and when meeting strength, a very real power that can be used responsibly.

* * *

the last decade up to the present has been so repressive and grim, emphasizing shortage, disaster, uncertainty. les enfants du paradis could give a new impulse to take roots to fly....