les enfants du paradis


thoughts for a project by Thomas Körtvélyessy
started 2006 at tüzraktér, Budapest (Hungary)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

celebration and social dancing

I realise how important it is to be able to celebrate something together, even in the middle of desperation and depression. it's like giving oneself an empty even imaginary space that could potentially be drawing in reality to follow. like the idea of a more ecologically balanced planet to live on. [if the actual material / energy-balance is negative, it can also bring catastrophy and crashes - the trick is to make sure all resource-balances are such that this taking off to fly will be possible]

the upcoming event I plan for Budapest is to turn into a party where all participate. another beautiful example for celebrating together can be found on the website of Elaine Summers (www.elainesummersdance.com) where she danced Invitation to Secret Dancers with people at Solar House in New York City in 2005.

* * *

it is beautiful to watch how people are able to express their existence in something that free and moving as a (social) dance, everybody making up their own moves to the same music and using it to make living contact with each other as individuals.

as long as this is possible, just like imagining, I believe there is a chance for surviving, because we can manifest something in-becoming, like a moment that changes and fades away, manifested as this particular moment.

like re-discovering the space given by one's joints to move the limbs and how this can increase when one does helpful body-work or massage or stretches that help this. it gives potential and when meeting strength, a very real power that can be used responsibly.

* * *

the last decade up to the present has been so repressive and grim, emphasizing shortage, disaster, uncertainty. les enfants du paradis could give a new impulse to take roots to fly....


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