les enfants du paradis


thoughts for a project by Thomas Körtvélyessy
started 2006 at tüzraktér, Budapest (Hungary)

Monday, August 14, 2006


(wow it's so cool to be able to sit in an airport and type on this laptop - thank you!)
i realize especially in this upcoming piece, flying is what i'm after, and actually very often in my work. fly away into the air, heaven, paradise, celebrations, a party, happiness, satisfaction, orgasm, utopia, a better balanced world etc.

scene from 'FURT - modern' Dance Unlimited Arnhem 2004

this piece on the music of “Oobe” by The Orb, could be called how 2 fly maybe be a series of duets?? i've had the imagery for quite a while listening to this music for tűzraktér: birds singing for themselves and together at sunset, put into the rhythms and dynamics of the dancers on the rooftops.

* * *
socially speaking, will we all be more like birds, travel more easily, carry less and less weight with us. how will that be possible?
(but given how much lighter this society is already in comparison to the heavy metals of the 19th century (after the heavy upheavals in the 20th century) there can be more light, more ease, enlightment. )

flying is the opposite of escape, this is very real: the wings must be able to carry the weight, the muscles work just at the right rate of gravity and the air stream, enough calories to burn for the trip, etc. knowing / feeling at all times where one’s center is, that of one’s body, limbs, organs, emotions, etc. all the time. to continue to be able to move - be ready to get carried away… and remain sensitively aware!

or as Zen monks would say: you have many ideas, but is your begging bowl well cleaned?

how can my bowl for begging be clean and I still could arrive at all these ideas and motions? how to realise paradise on Earth a little better? (often by leaving it alone...)

in dance this idea of taking off to fly is always very present throughout the ages, something that can be embodied very very literally, and i hope it will become possible in this project to realise yet another successful experience of this!!

to finish, check out Brian Eno talking about his music for airports both on YouTube and get a nice idea about progress :-)


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