les enfants du paradis


thoughts for a project by Thomas Körtvélyessy
started 2006 at tüzraktér, Budapest (Hungary)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

imaginations / projections

freedom - happiness - love - peace
great ideals, and they happen to happen from time to time :-)

I realise that for me paradise indicates a lot of the so called Third World and its inhabitants the Caribbean, Polynesia, to some extent parts of Africa (but that is much closer, so there it's already easier to 'know better')

I know this is imagery rooted in my European-based cultural background, where I grew up and still live, together with Rosseau's ideal of the "noble savage", Levi Strauss' "Sad Tropics" and with all the (racist) implications to be aware of ...

but we are still all potentially children of the same paradise, the planet we live on, in very different ways, and it's not always exactly nice to us (think tsunami's, illnesses, mosquitos etc.) as we are but an ingredient that carves out its existences here.

* * *

I know paradise can also be: sitting in a room on a couch, the balcony doors open, rain dripping outside, opening to gardens in the backyards, trees and bushes, quiet.
this happens here too! :-)

anyway, most of those moments that I recall like that have something open-ended, like a jump between two, against a secure anchor somewhere, feeling safe at the same time, that I won't be harmed

this is something I want to reach in the dancing!

why is it so hard to open up to that?
why are members of a society that deal with such opening marginalized into restrictive patterns, be they shamans, women, tricksters, slaves, foreigners, "different" and the like?
(including artists somewhere in all of that)


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